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Best Practice Benchmarking For Legal Services Websites 2014

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This best practice benchmarking study of 153 legal services websites was conducted by Urban Insight in December 2013-January 2014. The results were presented at Legal Services Corporation (LSC) 2014 TIG Conference in Jacksonville, FL.

Top 10 Drupal Contributions of 2014

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We will review some of the pretty neat Drupal contributions coming this year. The community as a whole has really outdone themselves. Step aside Drupal 8, you are about to get passed up. Without further ado, here is our top 10 Drupal contributions for 2014.

QR Code, a love - hate relationship and where are we now?

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If you Google "QR codes," you will find two types of articles: those that are still selling the idea that QR codes will change the world, and those that despise QR codes with passion (and praise every other technology they believe will replace QR codes). In this post, I will elaborate on where we are now (2014) and where are we heading with this technology.

Module and theme organization

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When you're building a Drupal website it is important to organize your code. Each developer or company has its own way of organizing modules structure. In this blog post I will show the way I organize my code and directory structure.

Indexing Unmanaged Files for Solr Search

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The method presented creates multiple Solr documents from a single content element (aka node in Drupal lingo), only applied to files. Apache Solr module provides an API to allow just that. That is what actually happens with the Apache Solr Attachments module for managed files. If a Drupal node has three attached files parsable by Tika, total of 4 Solr documents would be indexed; one node plus three files. Solr documents derived from files will show up as a search result as if they are an independent entity.

A New Form of Online Publication by LACMA

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We recently had the privilege to work with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to launch their first online scholarly catalogue. Featuring objects from Southeast Asian art, the catalogue makes information about works in LACMA’s collection available in a new, media-rich format.

How to prepare yourself for responsive theming

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The number of mobile devices is growing rapidly these days and so is the number of users who access the Internet on the go. If statistics are to be believed mobile Internet should eclipse desktop internet usage by 20141. According to Adobe Systems, a record 21% of all thanksgiving online sales were made from a mobile device this year2.

Ten Products We Use to Record High Quality Video Courses

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A year ago we launched Planetizen Video courses, our experiment with providing high-quality video courses for the urban planning community. We have experimented with a variety of video and audio recording, screen share, and audio capture devices. While we don't need Hollywood-style production quality, we didn't want to spend a small fortune on equipment.

Views Menu Tabs Quick Guide

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This guide provides a simple recipe for getting views menu tabs working on your site. Views menu tabs provide a handy way of separating content in the same view. They can simplify navigation by reducing scrolling on pages with lots of content or when using access controls, can hide content from unauthorized users. While views menu tabs can be very useful, they just aren't very intuitive to set up.

The Masonry plugin and how to use it with a Drupal view

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If you have already themed a few Drupal websites you might have come across the following problem: You've just set up your view and you get several view-rows displayed one below each other. However you would like to stack them in a consistent grid with more than one column.