Top 10 Drupal Contributions of 2014

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We will review some of the pretty neat Drupal contributions coming this year. The community as a whole has really outdone themselves. Step aside Drupal 8, you are about to get passed up. Without further ado, here is our top 10 Drupal contributions for 2014.

Module and theme organization

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When you're building a Drupal website it is important to organize your code. Each developer or company has its own way of organizing modules structure. In this blog post I will show the way I organize my code and directory structure.

SimpleAds: A new advertisement module for Drupal 7

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A few months ago I had to develop a Drupal 7 website that was supported by advertising. The Advertisement module is the de facto ad module for Drupal, but a Drupal 7 version wasn't yet under development. So I decided to develop a new contrib module for featuring advertisements on Drupal 7. I called it SimpleAds.

In Plain Language

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Earlier this month, at a conference for legal aid professionals, attorney Jeff Hogue told me about the "plain language" movement. Also called "plain English", the objective is to communicate using clear language, free of jargon, and using words that are appropriate to the audience's reading skill level and knowledge.

Drupal Tips & Tricks

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Studying Drupal, I often stumble on new tasks that need to be implemented, and problems that need to be addressed. Of course, sites like are invaluable, but here are some userful modules and jQuery tips that I have discovered.