Top 10 Drupal Contributions of 2014

Top 10 Drupal Contributions of 2014

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We will review some of the pretty neat Drupal contributions coming this year. The community as a whole has really outdone themselves. Step aside Drupal 8, you are about to get passed up.

Without further ado, here is our top 10 Drupal contributions for 2014:

10. Drupal Undrush

Decompilies an existing site into a drush script that can be used to rebuild the site from scratch on a new server with a single command. Example: drush undrush target

9. Drupal Flatten Module

This module ingests a website developed between 1998 and 2004, which used lots of shadows, gradients, bevels, and unnecessary chrome, and converts the website to a modern flat web design using Drupal goodness and Bootstrap with the Bootswatch Lumen theme to make the client feel better about the upgrade.

8. Code Writing Module

Any feature is completed yesterday! Now all you need to do is upload your UML specifications and your Drupal module is created for you. Accepts the following formats: ArgoUML, OmniGraffle, and Word Perfect.

7. Twitface

Amaze your friends with this install profile for Drupal that rolls out a Twitter/Facebook clone in seconds.

6. Drush LOLCODE Plugin

The Drush LOLCODE Plugin integrates Drush with one of the fastest growing programing languages on the market today. Now all your Drush Shell Scripts will accept the LOLCODE syntax.



5. Drupress

Modifies Drupal to look and act like WordPress. Your client's nephew who learned Web Development in high school won't know the difference.

4. Drupal Auto Complete Module

Module ingests a high-fidelity wireframe and completes the development of the website. Accepts the following formats: Bootstrap, Balsamiq, and Word Perfect. Dependencies: Code Writing Module

3. QAP (Quality Assurance Plan)

Including this hook into your module will mark all bug reports in the module's issue queue to "Fixed" automagicallyTM.

2. Drupal Siri Build Module

Implements a voice-interface for you to tell Siri interactively what you want, and then the module builds it. Dependencies: Code Writing Module

1. Drupal 8U Module

This module takes any D6, or D7 website, and automagicallyTM upgrades it to Drupal 8. It also performs automated testing to validate that all modules, views, content types, and themes were upgraded properly.

Honorable Mentions (not Drupal related):


GIT integration for daily household chores. Check out and commit your day away while retaining a history log in case you need to roll changes back a few hours.

Developer Shock Chair

This common looking ergonomic back support chair is a wonderful team building device. The integrates with Qualcomm's Gimbal technology to provide context aware sensors so managers know the perfect moment to provide proper "motivation".


I nearly snorted coffee out my nose: "IM IN YR REPO"

Damn, I needed a good laugh today! Thank you.

Totally forgot it was April 1st.

Good one!

thanks for the lolz.

you forgot ShoeString - module that turns the client's napkin drawings into working a bootstrap theme.

Shoestring sounads great but I want the indecision module where it flip flops between any number of infinite possibilities and the client realises the website is a living, forever changing project much like delivering the mail and with this realization my drupal dev brethren are freed from bondage.

Great blog post Mark. The part about the client's nephew cracked me up!

Will Drupal Auto Complete Module for D8 support Visio? Can you put me in touch with the maintainer of this module?

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This post was a lot of fun to write. I'm glad the enjoyment extends to the reading as well. :)

I was really hoping that first one was real, then I read the post date.

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