DLAW 5.0 Released: Open source platform for public information websites

DLAW 5.0 Released: Open source platform for public information websites

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We are happy to announce the release of DLAW 5.0, an open source website management solution for building effective and beautiful public information websites.

DLAW includes pre-built features designed specifically for running public information websites using current best practices in web design and user experience. Features include: responsive design, management dashboard, news, events, resource library, faceted website search, visual editor, multiple themes, analytics, social media integration, and many more. Once installed, a DLAW website's content can be easily managed without requiring technical web expertise.

DLAW 5.0 includes user experience enhancements to website search and navigation as well as new features. It was developed by Urban Insight in collaboration with Kansas Legal Services (KLS).

"The central focus of the new DLAW 5 release aligns with our website's guiding priorities which are to give our users the highest quality, most efficient and effective experience, centered strictly around their needs. We are sure that the enhancements made to the site search and navigation will give users a sense that we care about helping them -- to either figure out exactly what they need (for example, through GuideClearly) or to quickly find forms or information that they already know they need (through an improved search experience).


The social and multimedia integration add to the rich user experience by making it multi-faceted and more interesting. And our experience as website managers has been improved with easy-to-use tools for authoring and content updating. Overall, we are very happy with our ever-evolving and user-centric website!"


-- Marily Harp, Executive Director, Kansas Legal Services.

Kansas Legal Services website home page

About DLAW

Drupal for Legal Aid Websites (DLAW) started in 2009 as an open source template for building statewide legal aid websites supported by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). Today, DLAW is used to power websites for legal services organizations, volunteer lawyers, and the Supreme Court of Virginia's court self-help website.

DLAW is based on Drupal, a popular open source website management platform. DLAW 5.0 is released under the GNU General Public License. To get the source code and run DLAW on your own visit http://openadvocate.org/dlaw For a complete hosted DLAW solution with technical support see http://openadvocate.org/websites

What's New in DLAW 5.0

New features in DLAW 5.0 include:

  • Promoted content in website search
  • Embedded media indicators in search
  • Search improvement for attachments
  • New topics navigator
  • Link checker
  • Page-level user feedback
  • Web accessibility improvements

...and more. See the DLAW 5.0 Release Notes:

You can also download the PDF of the DLAW 5.0 Release Notes


Note: If your website is running on OpenAdvocate, you are already running DLAW 5. We have updated all websites running on OpenAdvocate to DLAW 5.


The development of the DLAW Drupal distribution is supported by LSC's Technology Initiative Grants (TIG). DLAW has been developed by Urban Insight in collaboration with Kansas Legal Services and Idaho Legal Aid Services. Special thanks to the following partners for their ideas and support:

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