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Using SPARQL and Linked Open Data For Content Blocks on Your Drupal 7 Website

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The content that you display on your Drupal site doesn’t necessarily have to be content that you own or store in your own database. In addition to your own content, there could be various use cases and methods for dynamically displaying data from outside sources and displaying it on your site.

Basic Technical Tips for Developing Your First eBook

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The world of digital books is a big one and it’s continuing to grow. Urban Insight has recently published the following ebooks for the Apple, Google and Amazon marketplaces:


Implementing an Activity Indicator in AngularJS

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Web developers looking to offer a native app feel to their sites’ visitors will most likely consider using the single page app (SPA) approach. SPAs allow for a snappy user experience because redrawing parts of the page does not necessarily require a request to be made to the server. That said, the need occasionally does arise to make API calls from the single page app, and in such cases the app should show some indication to let the user know that something is happening in the background.

Night of the Living Spammer

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If you have a public facing website that accepts user submitted content you have most likely encountered spammy junk or troll submissions.

“First ever Martian marathon scrapbook paper by the pound”

White House Forum on Access to Justice: Adapting to Mobile Trends

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LSC convened a forum at the White House on increasing access to justice with senior officials from the Obama Administration, chief justices, business executives, and other distinguished leaders. Here are the slides and transcript of my presentation at the White House Forum on Increasing Access To Justice held on April 14th, 2015.

Embracing Laravel as a new toolkit

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Laravel 5 has moved from being a Rails copycat to standing on it's own as a modern MVC framework. Here are some of the pros and cons I considered when adopting Laravel for a recent product that needed to ship quickly.

What to visit while at the Los Angeles DrupalCon

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So you are planning to visit LA for DrupalCon? Want to sightsee or enjoy local flavors but not sure where to focus your efforts? I polled the team at Urban Insight, and we collected a few of our own favorites that will, hopefully, become some of your favorites as well.

How Do You Collect Comments on a PDF on the Web?

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How do you collect public comments on a web-based PDF? It should be simple. But it isn’t.

Best Practice Benchmarking For Legal Services Websites 2015

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This best practice benchmarking study of 160 legal services websites was conducted by Urban Insight in December 2014. The results were presented on January 16th, 2015, at the Legal Services Corporation 2015 Technology Initiative Grants Conference in San Antonio, TX.

Web Fonts and CDNs

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We recently ran into an issue with web fonts disappearing from the font stack after switching a site over to use Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

With the Drupal CDN module set to 'Disabled', the fonts would appear as expected but when served from the CDN, the browser would fallback to the next font in the stack. The Net inspector showed the fonts were actually being downloaded from the CDN but just didn't appear. This was the case in recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE. Safari displayed the font properly.