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How to implement Ajax autosave in Drupal 8 forms

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Although Drupal 8 uses Garlic (a JS library) to cache the state of a partially completed form to the local storage of your browser, sometimes a more permanent type of storage is required. In this case, we needed to save a form field to the database immediately after it was filled out, not just on "submit". Using Drupal 8's form API, we can easily add Ajax autosave to fields in a form.

DLAW 5.0 Released: Open source platform for public information websites

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We are happy to announce the release of DLAW 5.0, an open source website management solution for building effective and beautiful public information websites.

Exploring Polymer js through the Polymer CLI

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A few words about Polymer's World View before we get started. Polymer has a sort of back to nature approach in the sense that it puts elements in the center of developing the web. From polymer's perspective web applications should be built using and extending the web components instead of scripts hanging here and there acting and reacting to user action.

Improve Readability of Web Content With WriteClearly 3.0

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OpenAdvocate WriteClearly is a web tool that helps authors write more readable website content. WriteClearly analyzes the reading grade level of a web page and offers suggestions for improving readability. WriteClearly is a free “bookmarklet” that runs in your web browser. Simply drag-and-drop the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Nothing to install or update.

Get WriteClearly at

Redesigning a site as a long-term project

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One of the earliest sites developed by Urban Insight is It still remains one of biggest sites that we actively develop and maintain. When the site was upgraded from Drupal 5 to 7 a few years back we had to plan and implement a full content migration. That is, we built a brand new Drupal 7 site from scratch and migrated all data and settings from the Drupal 5 site.

GuideClearly: Add Interactive Guides To Your Website

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How to add an interactive guide to your website without writing any code.

Best Practice Benchmarking For Legal Services Websites 2016

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Nearly half of traffic to legal services websites comes from mobile devices.

Encrypting Sensitive Data in Drupal Node Fields

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We needed to implement a method for content editors to encrypt some parts of the nodes' content.

A beginner's guide to Angular.js

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I'll introduce some concepts important to understanding Angular.js to help you get started.

Three Things to Ask When Reviewing Wireframes

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Advice for reviewing wireframes in preparation for a website redesign.


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Find all .DS_Store files under the directory /Users/jsmith/www

sudo find /Users/jsmith/www -name .DS_Store -depth

And remove them as well.

sudo find /Users/jsmith/www -name .DS_Store -depth -exec rm {} \;

Add the command to crontab so it does it at 10:15am and 3:15pm every day.

# Enter the command and your password when prompted.
sudo crontab -e

# The command should have opened an editor of your choice.
# If an editor is not assigned, you can temporarily assign nano editor.
export EDITOR=nano

# In the editor, enter this line, save it and exit.
15 10,15 * * * root find /Users/jsmith/www -name .DS_Store -depth -exec rm {} \;

I could have removed all .DS_Store files in the system, but doing it with a directory that contains web sites, which can be copied over the network, was good enough for me. Version control softwares usually make exceptions for .DS_Store file by default, so no worry on unwillingly putting them in the code repositories, but it would not hurt to clean them up locally too.