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5 SEO Issues You Can Solve Immediately

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The term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ sounds very technical. What is it anyway? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, just refers to how well your site is constructed to attract your desired audience. The role that Google, or any search engine plays in this is very important.

Google is essentially like a matchmaker between users (people who are typing words into a search bar to find content that they’re interested in) and websites looking for an audience.

Three Things to Ask When Reviewing Wireframes

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Advice for reviewing wireframes in preparation for a website redesign.

Drupal vs. Ruby on Rails. Who Will WIN?!

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First of all, apologies for the misleading ‘cagematch-y’ tone of the headline. Everyone is a winner in this blog post, including you, dear reader. If you’re following these words you obviously care about the underlying infrastructure of a website which, in my book, makes you smart and beautiful.