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Redesigning a site as a long-term project

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One of the earliest sites developed by Urban Insight is planetizen.com. It still remains one of biggest sites that we actively develop and maintain. When the site was upgraded from Drupal 5 to 7 a few years back we had to plan and implement a full content migration. That is, we built a brand new Drupal 7 site from scratch and migrated all data and settings from the Drupal 5 site.

Encrypting Sensitive Data in Drupal Node Fields

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We needed to implement a method for content editors to encrypt some parts of the nodes' content.

What to visit while at the Los Angeles DrupalCon

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So you are planning to visit LA for DrupalCon? Want to sightsee or enjoy local flavors but not sure where to focus your efforts? I polled the team at Urban Insight, and we collected a few of our own favorites that will, hopefully, become some of your favorites as well.

How Do You Collect Comments on a PDF on the Web?

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How do you collect public comments on a web-based PDF? It should be simple. But it isn’t.

Web Fonts and CDNs

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We recently ran into an issue with web fonts disappearing from the font stack after switching a site over to use Amazon Cloudfront CDN.

With the Drupal CDN module set to 'Disabled', the fonts would appear as expected but when served from the CDN, the browser would fallback to the next font in the stack. The Net inspector showed the fonts were actually being downloaded from the CDN but just didn't appear. This was the case in recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE. Safari displayed the font properly.

Tracking progress in embedded Vimeo videos

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Urban Insight operates a highly successful on-demand video service, Planetizen Courses. The service keeps improving rapidly; it’s not uncommon for new features to appear on the site. One recent enhancement allows the system to keep track of progression in videos as they are being watched.

This enhancement allows for two new features:

Building a Drupal Module for Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)

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Working with the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, we recently had the opportunity to automate how the Center's research papers are submitted to a popular repository of research about economics. This post discusses how we created a software module that others who use the open source Drupal web content management system can reuse and enhance.

Setting up Drupal 8 to serve content to your Backbone.js application.

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In this quick tutorial I will show you how to set up a simple RESTful Web Service in Drupal 8 to serve articles to your Backbone.js application using Drupal views. Setting up a Drupal 8 website as a web service for Backbone .js is easier than you think since all the modules you need are already in Drupal 8 core.

Drupal vs. Ruby on Rails. Who Will WIN?!

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First of all, apologies for the misleading ‘cagematch-y’ tone of the headline. Everyone is a winner in this blog post, including you, dear reader. If you’re following these words you obviously care about the underlying infrastructure of a website which, in my book, makes you smart and beautiful.