Add Legal Glossaries To Websites with ReadClearly 3.0

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OpenAdvocate ReadClearly is a free tool that enables website visitors to look up explanations for complex legal terms on your website. ReadClearly's pre-built glossaries are designed to assist with improving the readability of  legal services websites.

It's easy to add ReadClearly to a website. Just add a Javascript code snippet to your website and ReadClearly does the rest. ReadClearly’s legal glossaries are created and actively maintained by plain language professionals.

DLAW 5.0 Released: Open source platform for public information websites

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We are happy to announce the release of DLAW 5.0, an open source website management solution for building effective and beautiful public information websites.

Improve Readability of Web Content With WriteClearly 3.0

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OpenAdvocate WriteClearly is a web tool that helps authors write more readable website content. WriteClearly analyzes the reading grade level of a web page and offers suggestions for improving readability. WriteClearly is a free “bookmarklet” that runs in your web browser. Simply drag-and-drop the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Nothing to install or update.

Get WriteClearly at

"Plain Language" Web Authoring Tool Launched by Urban Insight

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WriteClearly is a new and free web tool that helps authors to write more effective web content. Developed by OpenAdvocate, a leading platform for public information websites, WriteClearly makes it easy to analyze reading grade level of a web page and get suggestions for improving readability of web content.