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February, 2016

GuideClearly: Add Interactive Guides To Your Website

Abhijeet Chavan
Abhijeet Chavan
Chief Technology Officer

GuideClearly is a tool to build compact, interactive guides that you can embed on web pages. Using a familiar text-messaging-style interface, GuideClearly guides display a series of branched questions. The reader can pick from provided answers or options. An option can lead to another question or end with a link to a web page. At any point while using the guide the reader can go back one step or start over.

For example, here is a demo guide showing how GuideClearly could be used for providing technical support:

Idaho Legal Aid Services' Use of GuideClearly

Now, let's look at a real example. Idaho Legal Aid Services (ILAS) is a non-profit law firm and community education organization that provides resources for Idahoans with low income to find the legal assistance they need. ILAS uses GuideClearly to direct readers to an appropriate self-help form for dealing with landlord-tenant issues.

Here is a demo copy of the GuideClearly guide created by ILAS. To see the guide in context please visit Landlord and Tenant legal issues resources on the ILAS. website.

You can create guides in different languages. Here is a Spanish version of the same guide by Idaho Legal Aid Services.

Kansas Legal Services' Use of GuideClearly

Similarly, Kansas Legal Services (KLS) is using GuideClearly to direct readers to appropriate legal resrouces on getting a divorce in Kansas. Here is demo copy of the guide in the alternate square format. You can also see the guide in context on the Kansas Legal Services website.

You can make a copy of any of the above guides by clicking on the "i" button. GuideClearly makes it easy for a community of peers to collaborate and share their work with others.

Creating a Guide With the Visual Interface

Another strength of GuideClearly is how easy it is to create a guide. You don't need to be a programmer or know HTML. The visual interface enables the guide author to create guides in a web browser. Guides can be embedded on web pages by copying and pasting a snippet of embed code. The simple web interface makes it convenient to create, manage, publish, delete, duplicate, embed, and share guides in your web browser.

GuideClearly interface screenshot

For more information on creating guides and screenshots of the interface please see GuideClearly How To.

GuideClearly can be used to many different ways to improve user experience and make information-rich websites more effective. It can be used to direct customer service or technical support requests, assist applicants through an application process, make FAQs friendlier, guide readers to appropriate resources, or make complex information easier to understand.

How will you use GuideClearly?

GuideClearly is created and operated by Urban Insight, Inc.

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Updated: October 2016

Also see Section 17 Eligibility Guide by Pine Tree Legal Assistance and Legal Resource Guide by Kansas Legal Services