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January, 2021

The Model Website Redesign RFP Template

Chris Steins
Chris Steins
Founder & Senior Advisor

Many organizations will create a request for proposal (RFP) to invite agencies to bid on their website redesign and development project. Unfortunately, many RFPs drive away exactly the kind of agency that the organization wants. We've seen thousands (really, thousands) of RFPs over the years. Some are really great. Many are not.

So we created the RFP that we'd want to receive. This is a user-friendly RFP that provides the critical details required for us to understand the scope of the project, website, and/or web application, and your organization's target audience; evaluate if we're the right fit for your specific project; and prepare a proposal and an accurate estimate of costs. This template will ensure that whichever agency you choose to work with can immediately commence project planning and hit the ground running.

This Model Website RFP Template was created in collaboration with several leading digital agencies, based on observed user experience and frequently asked questions, to provide you with a concise, easy-to-modify template that will help your organization think through the scope of work for your website project and present it in a way that will help you find the best agency partner. The template includes reusable sample content for a fictional organization called the "Vista Grove Company," so you can review an example of what is expected in the RFP.

Our goal with the Model Website Redesign RFP Template is to help make requests for proposals (RFPs) a little bit better and to help organizations think through the questions that an agency will likely have, in order to prepare the best possible proposal.

Get the RFP Template

You can download the Model Website Redesign RFP Template in Word and PDF format for free. (Full disclosure, we do ask for your name and email address to follow-up with you once in a while.)

This RFP example is intentionally short, at four pages, so that you can complete it in less than 1 hour, so you can get your project moving forward and find the right agency to work alongside you.

Screenshot of the model website redesign request for proposal RFP template

Below is a high-level overview of the 9 sections of the template to support your RFP process along with sample content:

  • Cover Page
  • Contact Information
  • Organization Background
  • Project Overview
  • Project Goals
  • Other Requirements (with some examples)
  • Schedule
  • Budget Constraints
  • Evaluation Metrics
  • Submission Requirements

We look forward to hearing how you are using the Model Website Redesign RFP in your organization.

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