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Upgrade and elevate the International Documentary Association (IDA) digital platform.


The International Documentary Association ("IDA") has been a beacon for documentary storytellers for over 40 years, supporting nonfiction filmmaking and filmmakers through extensive program areas.


The previous website, built on Drupal 7, had become a patchwork of ad-hoc features, resulting in a complex system that was challenging to manage and update. The site’s outdated infrastructure needed a comprehensive overhaul to meet modern standards and user expectations.

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To tackle the challenges of the outdated system, we upgraded the IDA website to Drupal 9, providing a more secure and flexible platform. Key enhancements included the integration of NeonCRM, a customer relationship management system, for Single Sign-On (SSO), facilitating a smoother user experience and improved management of member data. We redesigned the home to feature important content dynamically, making it more interactive and engaging for users. A significant volume of content was carefully migrated to ensure data integrity and continuity while pruning legacy content that was no longer relevant.

The rebuild was successful, transitioning a complex and expansive website without disrupting its functionality. This massive undertaking not only modernized the IDA’s digital presence but also enhanced user interactions through a streamlined editing interface and visually appealing design elements. 

International Documentary Association | Urban Insight