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Website and database redesign for a legal aid Drupal website to optimize user experience and inclusivity.


Stay Housed LA, a partnership of Legal Service Providers (LSPs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), has been a beacon of hope for tenants facing eviction in Los Angeles County. Stay Housed LA offers critical services such as legal information, representation, and community education.


The previous Stay Housed LA website had limitations in user experience and accessibility, which created barriers for the tenants who needed their help. The website did not provide easy access to legal rights information, workshops, and legal service applications, particularly for those with limited English proficiency, disabilities, or low bandwidth internet connections. The backend infrastructure lacked the required sophistication to manage applications, organize events, and maintain an updated legal information database.

Stay Housed LA mock up


After conducting extensive user research with tenants, staff, and online respondents, Urban Insight redesigned Stay Housed LA's website with a mobile-first design and enhanced UX to cater to its diverse audience. The team focused on building a robust, database-powered website with user-friendly and accessible interfaces. The site now features multi-language support and clear navigation to legal resources, event registrations, and legal service applications.

The new platform also automates application assignment to the appropriate organization based on geographical and other criteria, provides the ability to manage and monitor grant profiles, and presents an integrated event management system. The system sends automated confirmations and reminders via email and text messages to enhance communication. In addition, it ensures data security with advanced encryption.

The result is an inclusive, intuitive, and comprehensive digital platform, propelling Stay Housed LA's mission to protect tenants and strengthen communities.

Visit Stay Housed LA.

Stay Housed LA web site page examples