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Unify and enahnce the Association's digital presence.


The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) is the largest exhibition trade organization in the world, representing over 35,000 movie screens in all 50 states, and additional cinemas in 101 countries worldwide.

National Association of Theatre Owners Mobile


NATO's previous website faced significant challenges, including a cluttered layout, a lack of clear member benefits, poor mobile performance, and security and accessibility issues. The site struggled to attract new members and did not effectively showcase the benefits for existing members, nor did it perform well on mobile devices. 

Key objectives were to: 

  • Redefine NATO's web presence to reflect its mission and modernize its image.

  • Provide a seamless, accessible experience for all site visitors, especially on mobile devices.

  • Strengthen member engagement and make the benefits of membership clear and compelling.

National Association of Theatre Owners Style Tile


To fully understand NATO's challenges, Urban Insight conducted a UX website audit, a branding attributes workshop, and a user personas workshop. This research helped clarify current pain points and the need to balance serving current members and demonstrating benefits to new members.

The redesign focused on a user-centric approach, integrating best practices in web design and functionality:

User Experience: We implemented a new design with a balanced use of light and dark sections, vibrant photography, and clear indicators for member-only content.

Member Engagement: Simplified single-sign-on login with NATO’s iMIS membership system, dynamic content updates, and introduction of a "Member Spotlight" video series to highlight real member stories and benefits.

Technology and Security: Replatform to the WordPress content management system with robust components such as improved login security and an interactive world map for enhanced user interaction.

National Association of Theatre Owners Mockup