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A complete hosted web publishing solution for building effective public information websites.


The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) needed an open source template for running statewide websites for legal aid nonprofits in each state.  These websites would provide legal information for those who cannot afford a lawyer.


The template had to be open source so that it could be easily adopted and customized throughout the legal services community. The template had to incorporate latest web practices while being easy-to-use. The solution would have to be affordable for nonprofits and provide technical support.

OpenAdvocate Screenshots


Working with legal aid programs across the United States, Urban Insight built Drupal for Legal Aid Websites (DLAW) using the popular Drupal web content management system and released DLAW under an open source license. We also offered hosted DLAW as a subscription-based service via OpenAdvocate to provide stable long-term technical support and maintenance. DLAW includes many features designed specifically for the legal services community, including a dashboard, reports and SEO tools.

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Drupal for Legal Aid Websites


DLAW is a Drupal distribution for building public information websites. DLAW is developed and maintained by Urban Insight, Inc. Development of the DLAW has been supported by Legal Service Corporation (LSC) Technology Initiative Grants.

"The DLAW template has made New Mexico Legal Aid's website much easier to organize and keep updated. Urban Insight is great to work with and is always quickly responsive any time we need help."